Tuesday, March 3, 2009

New Skateboard Graphics by Namdev Hardisty

For a number of artists who ply their trade in the skate industry, it was most likely their very first board which got them interested in the world of art. A sub-culture in itself, Namdev Hardisty has compiled a volume featuring over 400 illustrations of contemporary skateboard design. Highlights include Evan Hecox’s work for Chocolate, Zoo York and 5Boro pieces alongside retrospective looks into Bueano and Ppwar, Rasa Libre graphics by Michael Leon and more. Also within the pages are interviews with various popular modern skateboard artists. Availble now at colette.fr



Jake Carmody said...

Hey man u were lookin fresh in the photo of you and kanye in LA mann dope tee

Tuesdai said...

Hi Ibn,

These skateboard post always have me intrigued on learning how to skateboard.

I wouldn't even say with it long enough. But in all honest, its just NOT me (smirk), I'm not quite a "sk8ter chick" per say as much as I'm a prissy homegirl :O).

Like; flirty but not forward...this exmaple counts for something (smirk again)Peace.


JNH said...

FM: This is Namdev Hardisty here. I was so stoked to see my book on your blog, thanks!

We just launched newskateboardgraphics.com with more sample spreads plus interviews. Hit us up.

Thanks again.