Sunday, March 22, 2009



Tuesdai said...

Hi Ibn,

Nicole Richie? Veryyy fetish, unique, radical and just "gon head wit it"!. (Well) My personality could only carry the heels. I WISH I could "ROCK the LOVE" out of those pants...but it would make me look hooch, like I'm DOING too much and not enough...I can't HAVE that *shakes head*, nawh. Guess, there's a way to tone it down....but nawh, if you gon DO it, DO "it"...Ok then. I'm stealing this picture though and using it on my website "BTI" for something, what? not sure, but I am. :O).

jake troth said...

please check out the commercial for my new mixtape "daydream big". i wouldn't send it to you if i didn't think youd enjoy it.

it'll be out april 1st.

best of luck in the future.
im just tryin to get to GOOD status.

Anonymous said...

Honeychild Coleman-artist
Halo Inside(Come La Luna)-music
Check her out on itunes if you like real music. If not keep doing what you are doing.