Monday, November 17, 2008

Louis Vuitton Sk8-Hi And Sk8-Lo

My "style" side says "YES!!!"
My "skater" side says "NOOOOOOO!!!!!"

Taking a cheap, $40, regular shoe that's made to be torn to pieces, and making it a pretentious luxury item is a little weird and oxymoron-ish to me...

But whatever.

Click here to see a short, NY Times video explaining this phenomenon.


Noetik said...

Yo this was a very informative clip of skateboarding fashion & culture in less then 3 minutes....WOW! Good Post here F.M.

Anonymous said...

As part of the new breed of old schoolers (meaning still technical, not the hand-plant dude), I have long loved seeing skateboardings influence in seemingly weird places - in this case, the LV showroom. As as much as I love seeing something I am so passionate have an influence that radiates like that... sometimes the whole fashion vs. skate thing gets under my skin, and not much really gets under my skin. I would go on here, but it may be easier just to post a link to an old post I made back in May:

IBN... not trying to borrow your site traffic... but legit'ly wanted to share. Delete if wanna.


That was a great post Robby. And Bobby's from the early 90s era, we talk about "The old days" all the time, he knows his shit. I remember when Hensley and H-Street was like some alien shit cuz it was so new-school. Man, times sure have changed...

Austin! White said...


then again i guess if you got the money then what the heck whynot?
I just can't see myself wearing something like that. For starters I hate getting white shoes dirty. I feel like it's the Mark of the beast on my shoes when I walk forever reminding me of the mud puddle that could've been avoided. lol

second, skate shoes are MADE to get messed up. I'd hate to pay all that money and then ruin those. I think LV should sit this one out. I remember I bought a pair of Ice Creams a couple years ago (HORRIBLE IDEA) but to this day they're still spankin new looking. I skated them at skate plaza and they weren't that bad actually but I couldn't take how horrible I looked wearing all black and shit then my shoes were just like SHIZAMMMMM! it was like wearing a pair of samuel L Jacksons and they just wouldn't shut the hell up!