Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Court Force Lux

A fantastic new Court Force High Lux pack will be released soon from Nike. The pack consists of two Court Force Hi Lux’s, one coming in all black with white sole and the other one coming in light grey with white sole. Only the finest materials have been used on the upper, including nubuck and oestrich. All that while keeping the overall look of the sneakers very clean.

Expect the Nike Tier 0 Court Force Hi Lux pack to release soon.

This is why I love Court Forces...

Tommy G.'s part from Public Domain


datdan said...

The gray's are hot. The nike swoosh comes off better than the black.

Schoolin4TheGoodLife said...

they're really cool...i like them both,id probably pick the gray ones though.
that video was awesome...he just flows all over the's like he's skating on water

Jacob said...

No lie I have Public Domain on VHS somewhere. Easily one of the greatest skate vids of all time. From the skits, to the outright skating, I don't think it's been topped.