Friday, November 14, 2008

Canada Goose Arctic-Tech

Canada Goose is famous for their unmatched quality in their line of cold-weather, outerwear garments. This is the Snow Mantra Parka that has been reviewed as "The best, bar none." I wear this parka everyday while we're on tour in Europe. My boy Don C. has even nick-named it "THE COAT".

Canada Goose for Bergdorf Goodman: Expedition Parka
Bergdorf Goodman gets the exclusive on this blazing red Expedition Parka from Canada Goose. You can get warm inside this parka using the Arctic-Tech technology on the exterior shell for ultimate wind protection and comes fitted with a tunnel hood lined with coyote fur to secure the skull from tundra freeze. You will not be cold in this one.


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barbie_louboutin said...

YEAH!! random, but im canadian :)