Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Vans Vault Caballero LX

Before the inception of a legitimate Half-Cab from Vans, there existed the Vans Caballero. However for many, the full high-top vulcanized skate shoe left many unsatisfied with the restrictive cut... off the tops came in a DIY hackjob. This eventually prompted Vans to create the lower-cut version, Half-Cab which has become a popular seller from Vans. However, this fall will see the return of the high-top Caballero starting August 1st. Suggested price is listed at $80 USD. source

Check Steve Caballero's rocking the "Full Cabs" in his classic, cinematic skate part, with Mike McGill, from 1989's "Ban This"...
Don't sleep on the Airwalk Prototypes that Mike McGill was rocking either...


Schoolin4TheGoodLife said...

those airwalks are huge!!pretty sweet looking too.

Burkhard said...

Are those Airwalk´s for sale ?
where to buy ?

Kind regards - Burkhard
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