Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Mainstream is Biting Skaters...AGAIN

Last night's "Unframed" event at Chelsea's Charles Cowles Gallery, sponsored by the AIDS Community Research Initiative of America (ACRIA) and presented by Domino magazine, drew a number of collectors looking to buy hard-to-acquire signed works for a fraction of their retail values. Guest curator Beth Rudin DeWoody brought in an enviable roster of 17 contributing artists, including Chuck Webster, Lou Reed, and Donald Baechler. Peter Gerakaris, who donated works from his "Parergon Series," didn't need much prodding. "Beth and I have known each other for a few years and since she's been collecting my work, we've become friends. She invited me to do this and I said of course. No hesitations." Under different circumstances, Carlton DeWoody's "Artist Pail Kids" likely wouldn't have been featured at all. "I try to keep my art separate from my mother's career, but I decided to break that rule since it's for such a good cause." So how did DeWoody reappropriate the classic eighties trading cards? "I changed them into famous artists and gave them funny names (i.e., Cindy Furman, Candy Warhol). I thought it would be cool—something I could complete in three weeks and make more than one of." source

I mean, it's for a good cause and everything but Blind Skateboards, and their resident artist Mark McKee, did a classic collection of "F*cked Up Blind Kids" decks 15 years ago. There have been numerous gallery showings over the years, and Blind has even re-issued the decks. C'mon Carlton, stop fronting like you came up with the idea to knock off "The Garbage Pail Kids".

"High Guy" original art and specs By Mark McKee

"High Guy" deck By Blind Skateboards

"F*cked Up Blind Kids" Gallery Showing

"Rear End Rudy" original art By Mark McKee


Anonymous said...

You know what? I had never even seen these pictures before but they are crazy.

Ive had your blog on lock since I started mine. Feel free to add it to your blog roll and take whatever stories you find interesting.


Oh yeah, do you wanna swap lives??

Schoolin4TheGoodLife said...

man,i guess that's annoying for you...i can't really relate.those are funny pics though.fucked up blind that illegal,lol!

reesedizzy said...

the mainstream never ceases to amaze me with that bullshit biting steez real talk...damn shame on what they do to our culture and with they heads

tiffany said...

There were people before Mark making Garbage Pail remakes. I like what they have done with Cindy Sherman and Andy Warhol.

I don't think he is trying to front like he was the first.

TL said...

Wow, these things bring back some memories.

greedyboybarrs said...

assholes, it never fails!

carlton said...

my friend just showed me this....
I guess i'm a little late here, but I want to set the record straight.

first of all I skate....I'm on the same team dude.
but no, i haven't seen those boards before....15 years ago I was 12.
they look nice though!

mainstream? please...
the whole point of my series was to turn mainstream artists into collector-card characters...
have you even seen them?
check them out:

oh yeah, and they were made to raise money for AIDS research. There are still three available for sale at

I dont think McKee would mind.....
or the other hundred artists who have re-appropriated garbage pail kids

why so quick to hate?

skate or die...

and love,

afrodisiacos said...

It's all wrong what you're writing.