Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ahead of His Time

Grand Puba was such a big influence on Me, Don and Kanye (and our crews) when we were in high school. This guy really created the blueprint on how to be the freshest. I mean, he single-handedly blew up Tommy Hilfiger with his "Hilfiger Top Gear" references in his raps. Just check out his album cover and you'll see where some of the ideas for the "Can't Tell Me Nothing" video came from...

"360 (What Goes Around)

"Check It Out" feat. Mary J. Blige


Anonymous said...

Hey Ibn,

I see you guys blessed my home town.

We were at the Ye' Concert in NJ.

I enjoyed myself.

I heard yet met my assistant at UBIQ the other day.

Please contact me if possible

We have a new line of Trucker hats Hitting stores June 1st and we wanna get YE one.


Andrew Barber said...

Puba was dope, but I was more of a Sadat X guy.

See: "The Lump Lump"

Kellen said...

Puba had swag since "Whats the 411"? People always looked at my crazy when I said Kanye was influenced by Puba. Very dope post!