Sunday, September 20, 2009

Francois IV, Duc De La Rouchefoucauld, Le Prince De Marcillac

I saw this very interesting post on my homie Bobby Hundreds' blog. Francois IV is famous for his one-liners, which it seems like everyone is trying to be now with the help of the most annoying thing in recent history...TWITTER (I don't have a twitter, I HATE twitter). Check out Bobby's summation and some of his favorite Maximes (one-liners) from Francois IV below...

Fran├žois VI, duc de La Rochefoucauld, le Prince de Marcilla was a prolific writer. La Rochefoucauld was a 17th Century French author, he was a buncha other things also… but he’s mostly known for his proverbial statements, his maxims. By today’s standards, I guess we’d refer to them as 1-liners, except they were profound and vastly insightful on life and the human condition. Kinda like Twitter, except what he said really mattered and resonates centuries later.

I still don’t really understand Twitter. I will be honest, it’s rather ridiculous. I even tried retiring for bit, but then realized that in my line of work I kinda have to do things like that. Annoying. I hate Tweeting product updates or anything related to The Hundreds, I feel like a smarmy salesman. I hate sharing my personal life online, I’m barely interested in whatever I’m doing at the moment, so I’d be surprised if anyone else cared about it. So if you’re 1 of my 10,000 Followers, I’m sure you’ve gotten used to my bad jokes and occasionally, the poor attempt to be La Rochefoucauldian. I apologize.

Here’re some of La Rochefoucauld’s greatest hits (in my opinion):

“True love is like a ghost: everyone speaks of it, but few have seen it. ”

“Passion often renders the most clever man a fool, and even sometimes renders the most foolish man clever.”

“We should often be ashamed of our very best actions if the world only saw the motives that caused them. ”

“Quarrels would not last long if the fault was only on one side.”

“We promise according to our hopes; we fulfill according to our fears”

“The power that the women we love have over us is greater than that which we have over ourselves.”

“Most people judge men only by success or by fortune.”

“The head cannot play the part of the heart for long.”

“True love can not be found where it does not truly exist, nor can it be hidden where it truly does.”

La Rochefoucauld had many great literary works, but MAXIMES is his most recognized. You can buy it off Amazon HERE.


Droolin said...

Whoa! those are great....i've never seen anything like this on twitter except for a few things from rhymefest and talib kwele..they've said some good one liners.
twitter really is full of bullshit,i use it to read about my fav artists like Q-tip,88-Keys,Rhymefest,Wale or whoever.i don't use myspace or facebook or any of that's fuckin stupid how some dumb asses become a slave to that shit and all they spend their time doing is talking bullshit and posting videos of themselves talking more bullshit...ughhhh sickens me!

Anonymous said...

You're down with blogs and unsolicited opinions, but 'HATE twitter'? Twitter is just like sending a mass text message. Have you ever texted someone? Nothing to hate about it, hater.


To Mr./Ms. Anonymous, if you've noticed, the content on my blog is about art, culture and lifestyle... Not random "mass text messages" as you have called them. Having a (good) blog is like publishing your own magazine and becoming a journalist. You actually have to do research or create your own original content (as I do). All you need for twitter is a cell phone so you can send your random text messages...

It's a completely different ballgame

BREK.ONE said...

The dude Murakami took the words right out of mouth. Sending a text message is a direct form of communication. You know who you are talking to and are almost certain that this person has received that information. Most likely this is not information that needs to be displayed to the world.

Im assuming what F. Murakami meant by the fact that he hates twitter is that is serves no purpose for him, and actual serves no purpose for mankind if you spend a split second to think about it. People are making it seem as if its a necessity when over a yr ago, very few were using it. True, it is a way of spreading news within a matter of minutes, but that has both negative and positive sides.
Most of the people on there submit thoughts randomly and anonymously and for the most part, without or persecution/consequences for their words. This leads to people showing their true colors, (i.e. calling Kanye a n****r for the recent incident). Saying things they would not dare say to ANYONE in person or publicly.

Its funny how when people take to twitter/blogs to make derogatory remarks about a person anonymously, its ok. But someone, like Kanye for example, expresses real emotion in for the world to see he gets persecuted.

I digress.


Anonymous said...

I do agree that Twitter, in general, is silly and vapid. I get it if it serves no purpose to you.

I guess I'm just saying that these people who post disgusting/stupid/random/repugnant comments on Twitter can join Blogspot or Typepad just as easily and have their narrow-minded and racist opinions be seen (or they can just get a guest spot on Fox News).

The point is whether you choose to/not to 'follow' certain people on Twitter. I personally use it to follow a) causes I'm interested in, and b) writers/artists/critics who I believe to have a wealth of knowledge or creativity to share (i.e. Nicholas Kristof anyone?)

This is probably just my backwards way of trying to convince you to get a Twitter, F.M.

-Ms. Anonymous

d.knott(detroit fresh) said...

really feeling the quotes. one sticks out most in my mind is “Most people judge men only by success or by fortune.” that is so true then, now, and probably forever. i'm learning now that success is subjective. i come from a poor family but we were rich in so many other ways and honestly, i never felt poor until i hit middle school and started to observe and absorb all the mmaterialistic status driven messages perpetuated in the media and society. i've learned to stay true to my path to success and pursue what success means to me. hopping in and out of other peoples lanes will only leave you feeling unhappy and unfulfilled.