Monday, September 21, 2009

A Bathing Ape "Milo" Earphones

Another interesting product released from Bape this weekend are these A Bathing Ape “Milo” Earphones. With Baby Milo on the back of the earphones, who could resist wondering why there are monkeys stuck in your ears. Available now in two colors (black & white) at Bape Stores for 3,990 YEN.



Droolin said...

Bape have their hand in everything.they look pretty cool

Yori Kovalech said...

Yo IBN- I heard it was your idea for Kanye to interrupt Taylor Swift! She's a bitch anyway, I dunno why everybody is blowing it outta proportion!

On another note, are you related to Lupe Fiasco? You look like you could be dude's brother...