Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Kanye Immortalized With Online Exhibit

The best way to find one's own success is to look to those that have done it before in order to receive guidance and be sure that he/she is already on the right path.

Since grasping his own spotlight in 2004 with the release of College Dropout, Chicago's Kanye West is an artist that has reached success to bounds that other artists can only imagine. The success, as many have realized, has generated both positive and negative perceptions on the rapper as his career has continued to blossom.

BrandMakerNews has taken a glimpse onto the path that West has traveled so far and have decided to expose it to the masses by launching the Brand Universe of Kanye West, an interactive exhibit which surveys the accomplishments and contributions of West's brand.

Placing things such as music, books, endorsements and collaborations under the microscope, the display for West highlights the concept that success is possible through perseverance and the willingness to push one's self past the brink in order to bring out his/her best.

"Kanye exemplifies what it means to live your brand, because he's true to his passion, and comfortable with who he is as an artist," said David Harley, Chief Creative Officer of BrandMakerNews.

"He's the only rapper that can style a photo shoot for Elle, create a film with an academy award-winning director, design a sculpture with a Japanese artist, and remain 100 percent in his element, every step of the way."

The general purpose of the online exhibit is to assist aspiring artists and entrepreneurs as they study the patterns of celebrity brands, and use those strategies to find a means in achieving their own of success.

Showcased on, a personal branding resource geared towards those coming up by providing tools to build their brands, promote their goods and attract success for themselves and their businesses. The website offers free tips, trade secrets and advice on branding.

"If you're serious about achieving your goal, you have to study those who succeeded before you," said Tia Jackson, Chief Brand Strategist of BrandMakerNews. "Look at the matrix behind the brands you respect, so you can apply their lessons to your own plan."



Anonymous said...

Awesome. Stay true to yourself and your brand, no matter what people say or think. You always win in the end.

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