Thursday, June 11, 2009

Drugs Are Illegal Because of Racism

This is a show that I just watched on the History Channel. The name of the program is "Illegal Drugs And How They Got That Way". Around 80 years ago it was common for people to use cocaine regurlarly, and legally. Slave masters would give cocaine to slaves and workers so that they wouldn't get tired as easy. Word started to spread to the north that "Drug crazed negroes" were attacking their white masters, and the drug (and all intoxicants) were declared illegal for all minorities.


Anonymous said...

also when tha great wall was being built workers would chew leaves from tha plant 2 make them work for longer periods of time*peace*

blackastronauts said...

man this is very sad.....but

Droolin said...

oh what!
how come nobody gets told this stuff