Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Hundreds x Disney Video

Yo, look how fat Bobby's face is getting, lol. He's eating real good these days...


Ryan said...

Now that Disney X 100's ish is cool.

Side Story: I just left DJ Don Cannon's new skate/clothing store in Atlanta. It's hot. He had "Ali" the Drummer playin the whole night. Ali's a great drummer. his website is! HOT!!!
oh yeah!

Pinocino Story: Kanye just took that SNL performance to a new level!! WOW! amazing... like always! pEace Ibn!

Ryan DeVon

Anonymous said...
Please tell put this on your blog, and tell YE to also please!!!
he watches your skate videos religously

Tuesdai Noelle said...

Could you ask for a better day. other than to work with Disney? Probably now :O) Peter Pan: LOVE the idea behind the concept.

If I'd been doing a project with Disney, I would choose to re-create my favorite Disney cartoon: "Alice & WOnderland".

Still keeping it crazy & enchanting, I would more so, put a modern day twist to it, using the EXACT same concept of "James & the Giant Peach" going back from real life back to animation.

I'll definitely be checking this one out :O).

That's just a thought, right off the top of my head :O)

Ana said...

Nice to see Bobby in front of the camera for once.